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Zeavran Inc, specializes in providing IT services that range from Web design and
development to business solutions software. Whether you are a new business trying to
market your company on the Internet for the first time or a business already on the Web,
we can provide Web services for your online content. We can also assist in creating an
eCommerce website for the selling of your goods and services. Finally, we also provide
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for keeping track of your customer orders
and for keeping your business running.

Web Hosting                                                                                                                            (www.)
The Internet has been a place where companies market and brand their products and
services. So take advantage of the exposure the Internet offers. If you are a company   
that’s new to the Internet, we can assist you in developing a content-based website that
is in accord with your company’s image. If you are a company that already has a
presence on the Internet, we offer a variety of services to:
  • Provide additional assistance in expanding your online focus
  • Relieve you from maintaining your website, or want to transfer your current
    website to us, we can also assist you.

eCommerce                                                                                                                                    ($)
For companies that wish to start selling products and services online, we can provide
assistance and develop a website that fits your merchant needs. As part of our design,
we can develop a solution for your business that takes advantage of online catalog
browsing, shopping cart and checkout, and secure payment processing among others.
We can help establish your business online and give you more exposure as we market
your business as well.

ERP Solutions                                                                                                                             (ERP)
As you establish your online business, we can also assist you in providing business
solutions that can help you manage your company. Keep track of your customers’ orders
from sale to post-sale. Maintain your business, financial and accounting processes in
order with tools that will help you in your day-to-day activities.

Strategic Outsourcing                                                                                                                   (e)
As Internet applications become complex and your company aims at keeping
development costs down, you can be assured that we will develop Web applications that
deliver the solutions that meet your standards at an economic cost. By outsourcing with
us, you will feel confident that the Internet application you sought to build is completed
on time and on budget.

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for visiting our website. We hope you find these solutions helpful as you make your
decision. We welcome the opportunity to work together to help you achieve your
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